BBB 029: Tough Conversations with Your Kids (Part 1)

BBB 029: Tough Conversations with Your Kids (Part 1)

Boys Built Better
Aug 28, 2019 • Season 2, Episode 1

Show Notes

Earlier this summer, I was asked by my neighbor and friend Jennifer Little if I would speak at her shop Hey Day as part of its Hey Day grows series. We’d had several conversations about raising kids at our neighborhood get togethers and decided that it was information worth sharing.

Would I speak alone? Oh, no! I reached out to my resident conversation expert and previous guest Kori Wilford.

In this episode, we tackle how to talk to your kids about tough things while also respecting their curiosity and their right to know. The longer I host this show, the more I learn that this, above all other parenting topics, is the heart of our relationships with our kids.

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