BBB 031: Vaping 101

BBB 031: Vaping 101

Boys Built Better
Sep 25, 2019 • Season 2, Episode 3

Show Notes

Vaping has been all over the news lately, but if you are raising a young adult vaping has probably been something that they have been exposed to for a lot longer than the recent headlines. Today I am chatting with health educator Christa Timmerman about the basics of vaping, its health concerns and how to talk to you child.

Show Notes and Links

For more information on vaping check out:

For resources on how to help you child quit visit:

Does your child want to become a youth advocate? Check out:

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•What is an e-cigarette (3:56)
•Why is vaping so interesting to teens? (8:18)
•Vaping rates in boys (10:00)
•What regulations are in place to protect kids? (11:57)
•Health Risks associated with vaping (15:36)
•Recent Headlines (18:11)
•What addiction really means (21:20)
•How can parents prevent vaping (22:13)
•Vaping in the community (24:24)
•What to do if you find vaping products (25:24)
•Does vaping hlep smokers quit? (26:38)

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