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Getting Black and Blue with FoCo Roller Derby

Oct 9, 2019 Season 1, Episode 6

What is roller derby all about and what makes it special? How do people find the sport and what does it mean to them? On this installment of ColoRadio, host Corbin David Albaugh sits down with Pounder, Huckleberry Spin and Iona Switchblade from...


ColoRadio Spotlight: Wheelchair Sports Camp

Aug 13, 2019 Season 1, Episode 5

As part of our coverage of Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest 2019, host KevKat Martinez had a chance to sit down in our studio with Kalyn Heffernan of Denver's own "biggest smallest band", Wheelchair Sports Camp. We talked about her activism, musical...


Talking with Retrofette @ UMS 2019

Aug 6, 2019 Season 1, Episode 4

We sat down with Xavier and Sean of Retrofette at UMS to talk about their synthpop influences, the Denver music scene, uniforms, and much more! Brought to you by Audible: Special thanks to Pie Hole on Broadway!...


Interview with Whitacre @ UMS 2019

Aug 3, 2019 Season 1, Episode 3

With a quarter of a million streams on Spotify, sold out shows with Mt. Joy, Susto and Birdtalker in 2018 and 100+ other performances under their belt, Whitacre is a group blurring the lines of folk, indie rock and bluegrass music. Their brand of...


Interview with Zach Maxwell @ UMS 2019

Aug 1, 2019 Season 1, Episode 2

We had a chance to chat with up-and-coming Denver pop artist Zach Maxwell at the 2019 Underground Music Showcase. We talk about the Denver music scene, Zach's impressions of UMS, moving from New York to Colorado, his inspirations as an artist, and...


ColoRadio Spotlight: ALTAS

May 31, 2019 Season 1, Episode 1

For our debut episode of ColoRadio Spotlight, host Corbin David Albaugh sits down for an exclusive interview with Denver post-rock powerhouse ALTAS in honor of their second album, "All I Ever Wanted Was" (available May 31, 2019) and their upcoming...

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