Empowering Victims of Child Abduction

Empowering Victims of Child Abduction

Connecting A Better World
Dec 18, 2020 • Season 2, Episode 52

Show Notes

It should not cost anyone to be a parent.

Find My Parent was born out of the need for a child-centered mechanism to reunite children around the world with their families, including those abducted by one of their parents. Find My Parent exists to give the power back to the victims of child abduction using secure and confidential technology that empowers and reunites families.

Children and families are supported through the entire process by Find My Parent’s partners specializing in providing reunification assistance, emotional support and other services to victims and is also actively involved in raising awareness of the issues of abduction, exploitation as well as national and international parental abduction.

Today we spend time talking with Enrique Gutierrez, a father and victim of his own daughter being taken away from him. He is the Founder of Find My Parent, a technology platform created to help children find their parents and families during parental abduction, separation caused by refugee situations, natural disasters, foster care services, and human trafficking.

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