Empowering Today’s Girls to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

Empowering Today’s Girls to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

Connecting A Better World
Oct 2, 2020 • Season 1, Episode 47

Show Notes

Mothers and Daughters Serving Communities Together.

The National Charity League is for mothers and their daughters, grades 7–12, to participate in a program that fosters the mother-daughter relationship through community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences. 

Established in 1925, NCL is a multi-generational philanthropic organization of mother and daughters who volunteer nearly 3 million hours to over 4000 charities creating a national annual $68 million dollar philanthropic impact.   

On this episode, we chat with Colleen Meyer, current President of the Fort Collins chapter of National Charity League. Colleen and her daughter Karlie, are now in their 5th year with NCL and have served in a variety of leadership roles together. They’ve loved connecting with new people, and most of all spending cherished time together. 

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