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Providing Access for Survivors with Face Forward International

Providing Access for Survivors with Face Forward International

Connecting A Better World
Jul 10, 2020 • Season 1, Episode 42

Show Notes

Warning: The following contains discussions and images of domestic and sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised.

“Take the first step. Even if it is a baby step. Find something that you connect with and just give what you can.” ~ Charmi Gosalia. 

Today we will be talking with Charmi Gosalia, who is on the Board of Directors with Face Forward International, a non-profit organization founded by Deborah Alessi and Dr. David Alessi, on the principle that survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and cruel acts should have access to surgical care and emotional counseling regardless of their level of income. They exist to bridge this gap and provide these services, free of charge to survivors.  

Face Forward Inernational has provided OVER 500 life-changing surgeries to over 200+ survivors.  An average patient’s treatment and visit costs approximately $10,000, and in 2018 alone, they provided over $1,000,000 in free treatment services to their patients. 

For more information about Face Forward International, please visit:

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Hosted by Dr. Natalie Phillips. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo FM.

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