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Providing Opportunities and Support for Disadvantaged Youth, Teens, and Adults with Dantiel Daniels

Providing Opportunities and Support for Disadvantaged Youth, Teens, and Adults with Dantiel Daniels

Connecting A Better World
Sep 4, 2020 • Season 1, Episode 45

Show Notes

“We were homeless, but not hopeless.” 

Dantiel Daniels, former Colorado State men’s basketball player and professional player in Finland, Uruguay, and China is now an inspirational athletic coach.  He takes time to share with me about his story growing up and the continued motivation to take opportunities that were foreign to him growing up in his environments. He shares his mother’s encouragement and support and his current drive with his new platform, TielTalk, a program dedicated to highlight and have an open conversation about current events surrounding African American culture.  Bootstrapping and funding on his own, Tiel is also forming Opportunity Ahead, a non-profit organization providing opportunities while highlighting and supporting disadvantaged youth, teens, and adults through fundraising, wellness programs, and partnerships. 

Tiel is currently writing a book titled “Man on a Mission” which is a motivational book about adversity that he has had to overcome in his life and the importance of giving back.

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