Feminist Hotdog

Feminist Hotdog

With Adrienne van der Valk

Wednesdays at 8:00pm Mountain
What does it mean to lead a feminist life? Feminist Hotdog is a podcast for anyone who wants to answer this question for themselves. Each episode, host Adrienne van der Valk and her guests break the barriers surrounding “typical” feminist topics, uplifting everyday feminism as an act of self-preservation and resistance. If you need some feminist joy in your life, join the Feminist Hotdog pack, and fight for the fabulous, feminist world we all deserve.
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Latest Episodes

Women and the Far Right with Heidi Beirich

Feb 25, 2021 Season 4, Episode 9

What's the role of women within anti-democratic movements and the relationship between feminism, misogyny, and extremism?
Adrienne van der Valk

Adrienne van der Valk

Your host

Adrienne van der Valk thinks feminism needs an upgrade. She’s on a mission to show the world that expanding our feminist thinking is go...

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