FH S4E2: Caring for Your Soul and Mindset with Jocellyn Harvey

FH S4E2: Caring for Your Soul and Mindset with Jocellyn Harvey

Feminist Hotdog
Nov 5, 2020 • Season 4, Episode 2

Show Notes

It’s a stressful week for just about everybody. As of when this episode posted, we still don’t know who the next U.S. president will be. It’s time to spend some extra time caring for ourselves, and Jocellyn Harvey is here to help. 

The founder of Soul and Mindset shares some of her favorite techniques for remaining grounded when life feels unbearable, including befriending anger, an emotion most of us try hard to suppress. We also talk about approaching spiritual work with compassion and why love and light isn’t a great recipe for enlightenment—especially when the world feels as fractured as it does right now. 

Take a deep breath, press play, and take a moment to nurture your soul and check in on your mindset!

BONUS: Feminist Hotdog listeners get $25 off Jocellyn’s signature course, Befriending Anger. Just use the code 25ONME at checkout. 

Stuff We Talked About on This Episode

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