The gang is reunited thanks to the magic of internet technology, and we're here to talk about things! On this week's episode:

  • Charles has to explain to a customer why they can't steal other people's work
  • The cereal variety that's too awful even for the apocalypse
  • Chris asks for live callers and then can't figure out how to connect them to the show
  • Why NoCo FM brought back Rabbit Hole Radio (
  • What we're doing to stay sane and motivated during the lockdown
  • Plasma Canvas got signed to a major label and we played their new video! (
  • Is Tiger King the new King of Trash TV?
  • Chris' trash TV confession
  • The greatness of T.J. Hooker
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • And lots more!

(Aired live on March 30, 2020)

Watch the video version: