We have finally returned from the pandemic hangover and Chris is holding it down in studio while Charles and KevKat join him via the intertubes in our attempt at social distancing.

Stuff we talked about:

  • Why working from home sucks, even for us introverts
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons and getting knee-capped by a debt-collecting raccoon
  • Chris doesn't get Minecraft
  • Spencers Gifts still exists and you can get sex toys there? Who knew!
  • Whether foot traffic at the sex shop has changed
  • How certain theoretical employers are (mis)treating their employees during the outbreak
  • Is the outbreak a Biblical judgment? Or is the alignment of the planets?
  • Charles isn't a fan of Star Trek: Picard
  • The upcoming rent strike on 4/1. What are the pros? The cons?

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