NoCo Gaydio 039: May 1, 2020

NoCo Gaydio 039: May 1, 2020

NoCo Gaydio
May 2, 2020 • Episode 39

Show Notes

KevKat is back with some bangers to kickstart your May Day!

About NoCo Gaydio

NoCo Gaydio

NoCo Gaydio is a music based program that has one rule and one rule only… To highlight music created by LGBTQIA+ musicians from across the world. 

"The goal for NoCo Gaydio is to spotlight these incredible artists within the LGBTQIA+ com...

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About The Host

KevKat Martinez
KevKat is a genderfluid fun-loving sex shop manager who is pure of heart, slightly dirty of mind and a love of education. Enjoys drawing, rollerblading, and telling all dogs how perfect they are.

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