Bone-ing Misadventures - Act 01

Bone-ing Misadventures - Act 01

Rolling Misadventures
Oct 4, 2020 • Episode 64

Show Notes

As the crew settles down in a local graveyard for a Halloween themed porno, tragedy strikes. Lex Divine meets an untimely demise and it's all brushed under the shag carpet. After a quick recast, Cameron Fury hopes to get his big break moving from craft services by showing off his skills as a fluffer for the new lead Sammy Star.

That is, until, a paranormal happening interrupts their steamy romance.

If that wasn't strange enough, Summer Pie seems to begin having a Jekyll and Hyde situation whenever it comes to her scenes with her rival Destiny Quivers.

Will this spooky porn shoot overcome ghostly encounters, undisclosed potions, and the mourning of a lover?


NSFW (seriously), Poorly Acted Pornography Parodies, Depictions of Sex, Horror Tropes

Playset: A Haunted Porno

Check out the game Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games

Guest: Kamijace from The Weekly Cooldown

Promo: Ignorance Was Bliss

Sponsor: Encounter Party!

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