Dubai Do Furious - Act 01

Dubai Do Furious - Act 01

Rolling Misadventures
Nov 1, 2020 • Episode 66

Show Notes

Buck "Buckwild" Wilder and Cash "Money" Mover have a street vendetta against each other. Both want to be the top racer. Cash wants to impress his found family. Buck wants to win money to help pay for his dad's cancer treatment. Except that's not actually a thing.

Buck's brother Hugo has been trying to use that to get him out of the racing game after going to deep as a secret agent. Hugo turns to the one person that could possibly beat Buck in a race. And that's Cash's found family Gregg Ethanol.

As the racer's plan for their showdown in Dubai, can Hugo play everyone to his plans?


Cancer, Alchohol, Street Racing

Playset: The Hasty and The Hateful

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Ty from Side Character Quest

Scottye from A Load of BS!, The Many Adventures of Sammy Magic, and Fun Fiction

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