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From Accident to Achievement with Sam Cawthorn

From Accident to Achievement with Sam Cawthorn

The Spark With Stephanie James
Sep 17, 2020 • Season 3, Episode 110

Show Notes

When Sam Cawthorn lost his arm and crushed his leg in a 2006 head-on collision, it could have been the end of his career as well as the end of his life. Instead of giving up, Sam went on to become Australia's Entrepreneur of the Year and one of the world's top motivational inspirational speakers. Come and find the gift in your story and how you can turn your own life challenges into the inspiration that helps others to live their best lives.

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About The Spark With Stephanie James

The Spark is a guide to living your best life. Created out of a desire to help people, each week we'll delve into interesting topics in the fields of psychology, health and wellness, motivation, and other concepts to give you tools to help spark new id...

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Stephanie James is a psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a level II E.M.D.R. trauma specialist with nearly 30 years experience in the mental health field. A graduate of the University of Denver, Stephanie specializes in the treatment of ...

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