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Adrienne van der Valk

Host, Feminist Hotdog (she/her/hers)
Adrienne van der Valk thinks the f-word has gotten a bad rap. She’s on a mission to show the world that, not only is feminism good for everyone, it can also be fun! Adrienne started Feminism Hotdog because, in the age of Trump, Kavanaugh, and McConnell, she thinks it is more important than ever to draw strength from everyday feminism and feminist heroes. As a social worker turned journalist, she’s fascinated by the resilience and creativity of women and people of all genders who experience sexism. She hopes listeners of every identity find power, joy, and energy in these inspiring interviews so we can all fight for the fabulous, feminist world we deserve. Adrienne lives in Montgomery, Alabama, with her husband and a pit bull named Zola. Feminist Hotdog is her first podcast.
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