The "Things People Don't Talk About" Roundtable

The "Things People Don't Talk About" Roundtable

The We Podcast with Sarah Monares
Feb 23, 2021 • Season 2, Episode 94

Show Notes

Sarah Monares and leaders of The We Spot, Amy Norris and Heather Williams, talk roundtable style about why women are in competition with each other. Why are we so hard on each other as women? How do we change this age old dynamic and learn to lift each other up? We love to dive into the things that people don't normally talk about.

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The We Podcast

The We Podcast was created to provide a space for women to speak their authentic truth, grow forward, and rise above the challenges they face. To realize and fully understand that we are not alone in our struggles is powerful and so very healing. In a ...

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Sarah Monares
Sarah is a licensed counselor and has owned her own private practice since 2009. She is also the founder and CEO of Monares Collective LLC and The We Spot. She is a writer, blogger, counselor, coach, speaker, and podcast host. Sarah passionately believes...

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